Khmer’s Culture

Beautiful Tra Vinh – Khmer’s Culture

Discover the beauty of our homeland through Ao Ba Om, Chua Ang, Khmer’s traditional music, dances and folk songs.

Video  – ” Charming Hometown”  with Khmer’s songs, music and dances at Ao Ba Om. Song names and descriptions were translated from Vietnamese subtitles.

List of songs
1) Our Beautiful hometown – We have many kinds of traditional dances, songs and musical instruments. We continue building and reserving our heritage and culture.
2) Bun Nuoc Leo Tra Vinh – “Tourists, please come to try our aroma, delicious noodle soup, and you’ll never forget it.” The song describes the delicious noodle soup, recipe, its history. It’s  hilarious song.
3) Always Remember – Chầm riêng Chà pây.  I
4) Ao Ba Om – How beautiful Ao Ba Om and Chua Ang are, built by our ancestor. We promise we continue building and reserving it as a part of our beautiful land.
5) Happy Ever After – Khmer’s traditional wedding ceremony

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