What To Eat


Noodle Soups

pho-so 1bun bo hue
Bun Suong
Hu Tieu
Mi Quang
Banh Canh Cua Udon
Bun Rieu


  1. All Snacks from A-Z

Cha Chien







bo luc lac

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All Dishes

  1. Appetizers/starters
  2. Banh Mi – sandwitches
  3. Banh Man  – savory dumpling, rice cake, pastry
  4. Banh Ngot – sweet dumpling, rice cake, pastry
  5. Beef Dishes
  6. Chicken Dishes
  7. Drinks
  8. Fruits
  9. Ham and sausage
  10. Pork Dishes
  11. Poultry Dishes (chicken, duck)
  12. Rice dishes
  13. Salad Trays
  14. Seafood: shrimp, fish
  15. Soup
  16. Tofu  – link to outside http://www.savvyvegetarian.com/
  17. Xoi Man
  18. Xoi Ngot

Snacks:  Banh XeoBanh KhotPateNem Nuong, banh gia,

Noodles soup:   bun suong, hu tieu miBun Bo Hue

Signature dishes: banh tet, Pate, bun suong, Cha Lua

Food for adventurers

Best of Vietnamese food – for everyone

  1. Cha Lua – famous Vietnamese  pork sausage
  2. Pate – famous French pork sausage
  3. Nem Nuong –  famous charcoal broil pork meat ball
  4. Thit Heo Quay – roast pork
  5. Bun Xao – lemongrass pork noodle salad
  6. Ca Nuong –  Grilled fish with salad, make your own fish taco
  7. Hu Tieu Mi – Chinese noodle soup
  8. Banh Canh –  round noodle soup
  9. Banh Xeo – sizzling seafood pancake
  10. Banh Khot – mini sizziling seafood pancake
  11. Bi Goi Cuon – spring roll
  12. Banh Gia – deep fried shrimp cupcake
  13. Com Tam Bi Suon Cha – rice dish with charcoal broil pork and meatloaf,
  14. Thit Pha Lau – Chinese style aroma braise duck or pork
  15. Lap Xuong – famous Chinese sausage. Also try the fresh sausage
  16. Bun Bo Hue – spicy lemongrass noodle soup,  near Minh Tri school
  17. Bun Suong –  famous rice noodle soup with shrimp sausage
  18. Bun Mang Vit
  19. Mien Ga – not in Tra Vinh
  20. Bun Rieu
  21. Canh Bun
  22. Cha Ca Thang Long – (not in Tra Vinh)
  23. Bun Cha Ha Noi  – (not in Tra Vinh)
  24. Lau
  25. Cha Gio
  26. Sup Mang Cua
  27. Bo Kho
  28. Ragu
  29. Banh Beo
  30. Chao Congee – chicken/duck/pork/fish rice soup
  31. Xoi Man – sticky rice with pork and egg, for breakfast
  32. Banh Cuon – rice cake with pork ham,  for breakfast
  33. Curried Chicken, duck or beef
  34. Pho
  35. Bo 7 Mon – 7-style beef
  36. Bo Luc Lac – shaking beef salad
  37. Bo Nhung Dam
  38. Goi Ga or Ga Xe Phai – chicken salad with banana flower and herbs
  39. Banh Mi – sandwitches
  40. Banh It Tran


  1. Coffee and tea
  2.  Rice wine
  3. Fresh coconut juice
  4. Fresh orange juice
  5. Fruit Smoothie
  6. Sam Buu Luong


  1. Desert – everything you can find from busy food stands at Tra Vinh Market
  2. French, Chinese, Vietnamese Pastries – every thing looks good and tastes good
  3. Banh Ong – steam rice cake
  4. Banh Da Lon, layer pandan rice cake
  5. Banh La
  6. Banh Beo  ngot
  7. Banh Bao Chi
  8. Banh Chuoi hap
  9. Banh Chuoi nuong
  10. Banh Tet
  11. Banh U
  12. Banh Dua
  13. Banh Qui
  14. Che Dau Trang
  15. Che Thung
  16. Che Xoi Nuoc, Che Troi Nuoc
  17. Che – coconut milk pudding
  18. Rice Cake – everything wrapped in banana leaves
  19. Chuoi Nuong –  grilled banana wrapped in sticky rice, served with coconut sauce
  20. Xoi Vi
  21. Xoi banh phong
  22. Fruits

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