Cháo Ga

Chao Ca – fish congee in Tra Vinh (Source: Google Image)

Cháo  is the rice soup or Congee, cooked with  either pork, shrimp, fish, duck or chicken. For chicken or duck rice soup, It is served with duck or chicken salad as side dish. Recommend for breakfast and supper.

In the Mekong Delta, “Chao Ga”, chicken congee, is served with Ga Xe Phai.  You can find the best  Chao Ga and Ga Xe Phai  in the Mekong Delta, because the broth and salad are cooked from free range chicken and fresh vegetables.


  1. Chao Ga, and Ga Xe Phai
  2. Chao Ga

Cooking Tips

  • Best way to make Chao Ga is to cook Chao congee and broth separately.  Before serving, boil congee and broth again.  This method makes congee is more tasty.
  • Make congee Chao.   Cook rice with salt and chicken broth.
  • Make main broth.  Cook chicken broth and vegetables (carrot, radish, corn, onion) for an hour.  Remove cooked vegetable before mixing with congee.
  • Boil chicken with water, ginger, onion and salt.
  • If cook dried shrimps, do not cook more than 30 minutes.  The shrimps taste bad if cook too long.


Root : Teochew Cuisine.

Vietnamese Language Lesson

  1. cháo  – rice soup. Say “chao” with up tone.
  2. cháo Ca – fish
  3. cháo Ga – chicken
  4. cháoThit – Pork
  5. cháo Bo – Beef
  6. cháo Thap Cam – mixed seafood, meat
  7. cháo Vit – duck

Cháo  is rice soup. “Ga” means chicken. “Bo” mean beef. “Vit” means duck.  So, we have Chao Ga, Chao Bo, Chao Vit. However, “cháoThit”  is pork rice soup.

  • thit – meat
  • heo – pig
  • thit heo – pork
  • cháoThit  is pork rice soup
  • cháo heo is   left over food to  feed pigs, smell bad

A language tip:  Please do not take your friends to the restaurant for “cháo heo.”


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