Bun Bo Hue

bunbohueBun Bo Hue is Vietnamese spicy beef noodle soup.  Huế is a name of old emperial city in central Vietnam. “Bun” is rice noodles. “Bo” is beef.

The broth  is  made by simmering beef bones and beef shank with lemongrass and then seasoned with fermented shrimp sauce.  Add salt  and fish sauce to taste. Very spicy chili oil is added later for color.
Bun bo usually includes thin slices of marinated and boiled beef shank, chunks of oxtail, and pig’s knuckles. It can also include cubes of congealed pig blood (optional). Bun bo is served with cilantro sprigs, diced green onions, raw sliced onions, chili sauce.  Garnishes: lime wedges, bean sprouts,  thinly sliced banana blossom, red cabbage, mint, basil, rau ram, saw tooth herb.


  1. Recipe of Bun Bo Hue – from Vietnamese Soul Food
  2. Recipe Bun Bo Hue from Spice of Life
  3. Recipe Bun Bo Hue from Hungry Huy


  1. Bun Bo Hue, Wikipedia
  2. Link to bun bo hue picture

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