Pho – Vietnamese Noodle Soup

Pho – Photo from Pho So 1 restaurant in Seattle, WA

Pho  (pronounced as “fur”) is Vietnamese noodle soup.  Pho is served in a bowl with a specific cut of white rice noodles in clear beef broth, with slim cuts of beef (steak, fatty flank, lean flank, brisket). Variations feature tendon, tripe, or meatballs.

Pho is very popular around the world, specially in the US, since it is healthy and tasty.  Nothing is better to eat a bowl of Pho on a cold winter day.  

Broth:   simmering beef bones, oxtails, flank steak, charred onion, charred ginger and spices wrapped in cheesecloth.
Spices: clove, star anise, coriander seed, fennel, cinnamon, black cardamom, black pepper.
Garnishes:  slices of onions, chili peppers, culantro, lime, bean sprouts, and Thai basil.
  1. Recipe of Pho (beef) – from Vietnamese Soul Food – Good recipe. Introduce both chicken and beef stock for pho.
  2. Recipe of Pho (beef)  from The Spice of Life – good for beginners with pictures
  3. Recipe of Pho (beef)   –   from Viet World Kitchen
  4. Recipe of Pho Ga (chicken) – from Enjoy Life
  5. Recipe of Pho Ga (chicken) – from Viet World Kitchen

How to say “Pho” the right way

 Many people ask me how to say “pho.” I checked Wikipedia, there are 5 ways!

The easy way to say Phở or pho is “fer” or “fur” with silent sound of “r.”  I would prefer “fur” because someone can associate it  the picture of “fur” coat and never forget it.  See the table below.

Vietnamese English (similar sound)
thơm (fragrance)
cơm (rice)
kerm or come
Phở(beef noodle soup)
fer or fur
mơ (dream)
quơ (move hand)
  1. Pho, wikipedia
  2. Recipes

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