Tablets under $200

Before buying tablets under $200, you should do some research by following the bellow guide.

Guide to buy cheap tablets

  1. Only buy cheap tablets from popular companies like: Dell, HP, Asus, Lenovo
  2. Do not buy  unknown made-in-china tablets sold at Sear, Walmart, Bestbuy
  3. Check special holidays or weekend deals for computers and tablets to get further discount.
  4. Read tablet reviews from Amazon to eliminate bad tablets
  5. Understand the tablet specifications.   When compare 2 tablets, pick the one with higher number or size.
    • Speed and storage: processor, ram, hard drive (for storage) :
    • screen resolution,
    • camera resolution
    • display size: 7 in or 8 in
    • Operation system: iOS (Apple), Windows 8.1 (Microsoft), or Android (Google)

Tablet Deal

In the US, the best tablet deal for this week is from Microsoft Store,  HP Stream 7” tablet  is $79. The specs

  • 7-inch HD IPS,  touchscreen 800×1280
  • Intel Atom processor Z3735G
  • 1GB memory/32GB SSD (hard drive)
  • Includes Office 365 Personal for 1 year

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter is used to mirror windows/android phone, tablet or PC screen to HDTV
Technology: Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ Miracast®
Computer/Operating System: Miracast® enabled Windows 8.1 tablets/laptops/phones and Android devices with 4.2.1 and later.
Pro: Easy to set up, small, wireless, no Wifi required (do not need internet access). High quality audio and video. Good for watching movie, project demos, show photos.
Con: Expensive $60. Not for editing large document due to video delaying
How to connect: Just plug the USB and HDMI from the Wireless Display Adapter into your HDTV or monitor,
Where to buy: Microsoft Store, Best Buy.

Amazon Fire Stick ($39) and Google Chromecast ($30) are much cheaper, can mirror screens of android phone and tablets (not Windows 8.1). However, these devices needs WIFI (internet access), else they do not work.

I connect the Microsoft wireless adapter display (MWAD) with Samsung, Vizio, and Sony TV. They works well, and delivers good video and audio for my phone and computers and tablets.

  • Cheap Tablets under $200: HP Stream 7 (windows 8.1), Asus Vivo Tab 8 (windows 8.1)
  • Laptops: Dell Inspiron 15 R(windows 8.1), Microsoft Surface
  • Android phone: Samsung Galaxy S5.

Microsoft Surface and Samsung Galaxy S5 phone quickly detects and connects to MWAD. Dell laptop detects and connects to MWAD slower than tablets. I watch videos from Youtube from the project screen on the TVs. The video and sound quality is good for all computers, tablets and phone. I tried to edit Facebook files on the mirror screen, it was slow due to video delaying.


  1. Microsoft wireless display adapter

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