How to eat Banh Xeo

Traditional way,  people eat Banh Xeo by hand.  Wrap a piece of crepe with a lettuce leaf along with  herbs, then roll it like taco.  Dip  the roll in the sauce, and take a bite.   It is a delicious bite that  has balance flavor and taste (crunchy, savory, aroma…).

Traditional style of eating Banh Xeo is not suitable at the restaurants,  because it is very messy.  Let’s eat Banh Xeo  my “modern” way with chopsticks and scissors.

  • Use scissors.  First, cut lettuces and herbs in to small size like making salad, and place them into a  plate. Second, cut Banh Xeo into bite-size pieces (not too small).
  • Eat with chopsticks.  For each bite, place a piece of banh xeo on the salad plate, pour some sauce on the top.  Now, eat that piece of banh xeo together with some salad-herb and sauce. Enjoy each savory bite of banh xeo.   Continue eating this way until finishing all banh xeo.

Requirements for the perfect Banh Xeo

  1. Crunchy everywhere and crunchy until the last bite
  2. Crepes are not too thin (easy to break when rolling and dipping),
  3. Not greasy
  4. Bean sprout, pork and shrimp are not over cooked
  5. Coconut milk and turmeric powder should not overpower other flavors
  6. Good dipping sauce plays an important role in enhancing the taste and flavor of Banh Xeo

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