Tra Vinh foods are delicious

When you’re visiting Tra Vinh, you should try Cha Lua, pate , Nem Nuong, Hu Tieu, Bun Suong because they are Tra Vinh’s famous dishes, and delicous. Check out “What to eat in Tra Vinh” for more recommended dishes.

Banh-tet-Tra-Cuon-3The Tra Vinh dishes are daily cooked from fresh produces, meats, seafood and high quality ingredients

Tra Vinh Food = Mixture of {

  • Fresh produces: vegetables, herbs, fruits
  • Super fresh  meats  are delivered to food factories and  restaurants and  noodle soup houses  from butchers at 4 am in the morning. “Fresh” means fresh, the meat is still warm when it arrives at the food factories and restaurant kitchens.  Fresh pork is required  to  make good Lap Xuong, Cha Lua and Pate.  As soon the meat is delivered, the food workers start processing meat.
  • Free range chickens, ducks are  raised from rice fields or local farms.  Fresh seafood.
  • Tra Vinh cuisine is mixed of Chinese, Vietnamese, French, Indian, and Khmer cuisine.
  • Use high quality of  sweet rice and rice  for  rice cakes.  Use natural food colors for food (banh tet, xoi).
  • Family recipes  passed  down to generations
  • More  }


Link – What to Eat in Tra Vinh

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