Cuisine: Vietnamese, Thai, SE Asia
Type: Herb with lemon aroma

Use  in cooking and traditional medicine.

picture (Source: Wikipedia)


  • Enhance the  flavor and aroma of meats and seafood dishes.
  • Suppress the strong smell of seafood, fish sauce and shrimp paste.
  • Broth:  bun bo hue, bun nuoc leo, bo nhung dam
  • Marinate:  for  grilled meats or seafood such as  Vietnamese grilled pork, Thit Nuong
  • Stir fried, stew, curried : chicken, beef, pork, seafood
  • Goes well with garlic, red pepper, onion and fish sauce.  Use in mam nem dipping sauce
  • Do not eat leaves.  Use leaves to cook broth and curry sauce.
  • Choose young lemongrass (look fresh and green).  Old lemongrass is bitter and is hard to chop
  • Shop:  buy chopped frozen and fresh lemongrass from Asian super markets


How to chop fresh lemongrass

  1. Choose young stakes, remove 1, 2 outside layers, wash it.
  2. Use sharp knife, cut lemongrass  into very thin slices, the thinner is the better. Keep the leaves for cooking broths. Be careful not to cut your finger.
  3. Use food processor to chop lemongrass slices very fine.  If chop by knife, it is scatter around easily. Note that food processor cannot chop hard old lemongrass.

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