Dipping sauce Mam Nem

Mam Nem, is  a special dipping sauce for Vietnamese beef or seafood dishes such as  Bo 7 Mon (7 beef courses), or  Bo Nhung Dam (beef fondue).

Bo Nhung dam (left) – Huong Que restaurant

The sauce is made with sugar,  “very fine” chopped fresh  lemongrass, lime, chopped fresh pineapple, garlic, red pepper and special Vietnamese anchovies.

This chunky sauce is tasty,  sweet and tangy flavor, but it  is much more pungent in flavor than nuoc cham.  Keys ingredients are fresh pineapple, lemongrass, lime juice, garlic  to suppress pungent in flavor of anchovies..


  • Do not let this sauce drop on your clothes
  • Wash your hands, clean your mouth,  eat mints after eating it.
  • Do not see your date after eating this sauce without brushing your teeth.


I picked these recipes,  since there is lemongrass in it.  If a recipe suggests to cook anchovies then do it.  However, do not cook fresh pineapple, garlic, lemongrass.

  1. Recipe for Mam Nem – with lemongrass
  2. Recipe for Mam Nem dipping sauce with lemongrass, by Spice of Life

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