Cha Gio Ga – Chinese Chicken Egg-Rolls

Egg rolls from Steamy Kitchen

“Chinese Spring Rolls with Chicken” recipe from Steamy Kitchen  is an easy recipe for the beginners to learn how to make the  egg-rolls.  Steamy Kitchen  provides clear instructions and pictures of how to make the filling, wrap, fry the egg-rolls.

Recipe  from Steamy Kitchen

It’s best to serve the  spring rolls  with Nuoc Cham,  lectures, cucumbers, mints, herbs.
Suggestions to improve the recipe

  1. Replace cabbage with Jícama since it is sweet and crunchy
  2. Thicken the vegetable and meat mixture with 2 teaspoons of corn starch to reduce liquid from cooked vegetables
  3. See instruction how to freeze eggrolls before frying them (from Steamy Kitchen).
  4. Also, review  the recipe of  Cha Gio Vietnamese eggroll  for wrapping method.  The Vietnamese eggroll has raw filling so it takes longer to fry to make sure the meat totally cooked.  The Chinese egg-rolls has cooked filling, so it can fry quickly in 3 or 5 minutes.

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