Street Food: Banh Trang Tron – Rice Paper Salad


Banh Trang Tron rice paper salad  (Photo credit:  “A Blog of Salt”)

“Banh Trang Tron” rice paper salad and it is a best seller street food for teenagers in Saigon, Vietnam now.  The salad is made of rice papers, shredded green mango, herbs, beef jerky, dried shrimps, roast peanuts, boil quail eggs, dried onion, red pepper, and tasty tamarind sauce dressing


  • Recipe of Banh Trang Tron  from Thuy of  “A Blog of Salt”.
  • Banh Trang Tron – Vietamese-Australian style – This Youtube  video is in Vietnamese.  The chef turns  this street food to gourmet food with cooked shrimp and elegant decoration.  This can be a high end appetizer.
  • Video – Cooking show in Vietnamese.  This video is  from Uyen Thi who is Vietnamese chef from  SBTN TV.

Cooking Tips

Tamarind sauce and basil are  the key ingredients for this salad.  Since it’s is a street food, you can make your own version of Banh Trang Tron  from vegetable (carrots, cucumber, cabbage…) and fruits, chicken, shrimps, as long as you use tamarind sauce for dressing.  If you cannot find green mango, replace it with green apple.  Also, replace dried shrimp with sauteed shrimp. Skip the “shrimp salt” and replace it with fish sauce.  Also, if you cannot make tamarind dressing, you can use  Nuoc Cham.

Malaysia street food,  Rojak fruit salad, is combined green mango, star fruit, other fruits (trái mận đỏ, cóc, ổi), vegetables, herbs, dried shrimps, roast peanuts, eggs, dried onion, and shrimp paste sauce. It’s quite interesting that Banh Trang Tron and Rojak are like cousin.


  2. Banh Trang Tron – Vietamese-Australian style – Youtube in Vietnamese.  He turns streeet food to gourmet food.  It is good to watch to get some idea even it’s in Vietnamese.
  3. – Vietnamese Cooking show.  Banh Trang Tron video from Uyen Thi who is popular chef from  SBTN TV.

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