Recipe: Imperial Bánh Bèo steamed cupcake

Recipe of Emperial Banh Beo

Empirical Banh Beo – by Jennie Tai, The Hungry Muse

Banh Beo is one of the best Vietnamese tasty and savory snacks. Banh Beo is mini silky cupcakes filled with savory mixture of shrimps, scallion oil, and served warm with Nuoc Cham.

Hue, the empirical city in central Vietnam, is famous for Banh Beo and Bun Bo Hue.  Hue’s grandma knows how to make the best Banh Beo.  Let’s learn how to make Emperial Banh Beo (Hue) from Jennie Tai’s grandma.  This is a   “quick recipe for Vietnamese ‘Bánh Bèo’ that you can make at home in less than 30 minutes with a large steaming pot and a few muffin tins.


Cooking Tips

  • In traditional Vietnamese food recipes, shrimps are often overcooked.  I suggest that we just stir fried chopped shrimp with garlic, onion and some salt and black pepper.
  • You can replace shrimp with ground pork, chicken or tofu.


  1. Recipe of Banh Beo    from Jennie Tai, thehungrymuse

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