Recipe: Cha Gio Chay – vegetarian egg rolls

“Vietnamese egg rolls always occupy a special place on the list of the famous dishes of Asian cuisines. My vegetarian egg rolls are always a favorite dish at the start of the party. Also, the ingredients that I carefully chose are used to make these special egg rolls. Even though this is a dish of fried food, I too want to enjoy occasionally its crispy taste and the sweetness of root vegetables that is interspersed throughout to form these unique Vietnamese egg rolls.” ( text from Lan | Enjoy Life).

Cha Gio Chay – from Enjoy Life

Let’s  visit  Lan’s kitchen from Enjoy Life to learn how to make “Cha Gio Chay,”  Vietnamese vegetarian egg rolls.    Lan is a talent cook, specializes in Vietnamese, Asian, American cuisine.  I like her cooking techniques, because she modernizes and uses fresh local ingredients in  cooking Vietnamese food, but still maintain the authenticity. Her recipes are simple, easy to follow with good pictures.  Link to recipe

Cooking Tips

  • In the recipe, Lan uses sweet potato, you can replace it with potatoes.


  1. Recipe from Enjoy Life

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