Cha Lua Ga – Vietnamese Chicken Sausage

cha lua ga
Cha Lua Ga – Vietnamese Chicken sausage

Cha Lua Ga is  Vietnamese chicken sausage wrapped in banana leaves.   This sausage is lean and tasty. 

Cha Lua is Vietnamese sausage,  made from pork or chicken, and wrapped in banana leaves.  It  is served with Banh Mi sandwitches,, Banh Cuon, Bun Bo Hue.


Cha Ga Chien


  1. Cha Lua Ga – Chicken   – from Enjoy Life.
  2. Cha Lua – Pork   – from The Spice of Life
  3. Cha Ga Chien – Chicken sausage patties.  My easy and tasty recipe
  4. Cha Lua Chay (vegan)
  5. White Sausage – Münchner Weißwurst (“Munich-style White Sausage”) is a German specialty from Bavaria. It’s made from veal, pork and pork skin.  Good recipe and technique.  This is  good sausage, must try.
  6. Cha Lua  (pork)  – YouTube, Uyen Thi’s  cooking show in Vietnamese



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