Banh Phuc Linh – Vegan Tapioca Cookies

Banh Phuc Linh – Photo credit: The Spices of Life

“Banh Phuc Linh”, is Vietnamese tapioca sugar cookies with coconut  and pandan flavor. The vegan gluten-free cookie is tasty and creamy.

In Malaysia,  “kuih bangkit,” is  baked tapioca coconut cookie, is enjoyed during Chinese New Year.   It turns out that “banh phuc linh” is the no bake eggless “kuih bangkit.”

It’s easy to make Banh Phuc Linh, but you’ll need a mold that is sold  at Chinese and Vietnamese supermarkets in the US.


Cooking Tips

  • Due to coconut milk, the no bake cookies are  last  2-3 days.  Therefore, keep the cookies in a refrigerator, so they are last longer.
Banh Phuc Linh mold – Photo by The Spices of Life

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