Teochew Perng Kueh – Savory Peach Shape Rice Cake

Photo credit: Roseskitchen

Traditional Teochew Perng Kueh is the savory peach shape  rice cake.   The peach shape presents to longevity. It has “salty glutinous rice” filling.    The filling is cooked glutinous rice, boiled peanuts, Chinese sausage, dried shrimp, Chinese celery, shallots, black mushrooms,  black pepper, soy sauce.


Cooking Tips

Make dough with rice flour  or sweet rice flour?

  • May try to make dough with both sweet rice flour and rice flour.
  • Cake made with sweet rice flour  is still soft when cake is cold,  but the peach shape does not have strong edges.
  • Cake made with  rice flour and tapioca flour is hard when the cake is cold.
  • When making dough, if the dough is dried, add a little bit of water at a time. If dough is too wet, add  a tablespoon of rice or sweet flour, then mix well.
  • It’s best to use  the bread machine or food processor to make dough with hot water.
  • Best to soak sweet rice overnight and steam it.  See this recipe to learn how to make savory sticky rice with Chinese sausages, and  dried shrimp.   Add the Chinese celery, cooked peanuts and other ingredients to your taste.



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