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Welcome to  Tra Vinh Networks!

Tra Vinh  is a beautiful city in Mekong Delta, Vietnam, the birthplace of my dear parents (R.I.P).   There is very little information about Tra Vinh  in English, so I  started   “Tra Vinh Networks,” writing  about Tra Vinh and its cuisine.

Tra Vinh Networks is  a WIKI about Vietnamese and international cuisine.  We are working on adding more food recipes.  For any food that we have not had pictures and recipes, we’ll provide the links to good food blogs.

Food is universal language.  In our family,  food  and guests are important. If you were a guest in  our home, our parents would  tell you  “eat, eat more, and eat a lot!”

I am an editor at Tra Vinh Networks.  When I was very young, I  loved to hang around the kitchen, and watched my aunts, mom, and family chefs  cooked, and be their sous chef.  My aunt always let me taste the food, and asked me if she needed to add extra salt, sugar or spices.   I love to eat good food, and I can cook good food.  However, I do not want to spend a lot time in the kitchen!  I’ve tried to applied engineering techniques in cooking, and it’s still a long way to go.

Tuyet loves travel,  fashion, cooking, garden, crafting, and photography.  She is an excellent cook.  She is a “master chef” in French, Chinese and Vietnamese pastries.   She brings Vietnamese cuisine to the next level: modern cooking techniques, enhance taste and maintain its authenticity. Tuyet also explores the  international cuisine, and bring the new dish to her kitchen every week.   Lucky for me!   I always taste Tuyet’s delicious food for free. Hopefully, you’ll be invited to Tuyet’s home, and  try her delicious meals in the future. In the meantime, please enjoy the virtual “Tuyet Weekend Meal.”

Below is the pictures of  Tuyet’s signature dishes




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