Tet, Lunar New Year.  It is on  Thursday, February 19, 2015.

Visitors, “Have a Happy New Year!

Flower Market in Tra Vinh City

Chinese New Year’s Dinner Menu

Tuyet, my sister cooked

  1. Ga Tiem, Teochew braised chicken, our family traditional dish
  2. Goi Tom Ngo Sen
  3. Stuffed Bitter Melon Soup
  4. Tuyet’s Almond Shortbread


Making Food for the New Year

Banh Chung, and Banh Tet  are traditional rice cake, that Vietnamese eat and give away to celebrate Lunar New Year, Tet.  Banh Chung is from North Vietnam.  In Mekong Delta, people make  Banh Tet.  They have similar ingredients, but different shape. However, for Banh Tet, it would take years to learn how to make the right shape and  core (mung bean and pork) has to be in the center of the cake.

My sister made “Banh Chung” and cookie to celebrate Tet, Lunar New Year.



Banh Chung and Cookie


Banh Chung – After cooking


Banh Chung – before cooking


Banh Chung  – Mold


Banh Chung – from Google Images

banh tet tra cuon (16)

Banh Tet


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