Chùa Hang, Trà Vinh

Kompong Chray Pagoda is Khmer Theravada Buddhism temple. Local people call it “Chùa Hang” (English: Cave Temple), because the gate looks like a cave.  The temple is over 300 years old.  Its campus  is more than 2 hectares of old trees, and a  home of thousands of kinds of birds. The pagoda is in Chau Thanh district, Tra Vinh, Vietnam.




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Biển Ba Động

Biển Ba Động is  a  sea resort from French colony and a famous attraction in Tra Vinh.

“Biển Ba Động with blue water, white sand. Ao Bà Om is a famous attraction in the Delta Mekong. Tourists, please come to visit those places, and you’ll be in paradise.” (folk song).