Blog: Diana’s Adventures

Blog Name: Diana’s Adventures
Founder: Diana Trinh
Type: Fashion, travel, beauty products, art & crafting design
 Best: Fashion, restaurant, hotel, and  creative crafting art  photos

Avenue of the Arts
photo by Diana’s Adventure


Blog: Cooking with a Wallflower

Blog Name: Cooking with a Wallflower
Founder: Andrea Giang
Type: Cooking, Baking, Crafting, Writing
 Best Work: Elegant design, beautiful food photos,  good and creative recipes.

“Sweet blood orange mixed with tart lemonade for a delicious spring drink. This blood orange lemonade is perfect for transitioning from winter to spring.”


Blog: Moonswoon

Blog: Moonswoon
Type: Travel, food, culture in Asia
Best: Best Travel Blog.   Professional work.  Beautiful photos and journals are in harmony, and worth “million” words.  Excellent in using powerful words, themes, and pictures to illustrate the beauty of Japan and Korea.

A Morning Heaven

Hama-rikyu Gardens

“Japan is such a remarkable synthesis of two extremes – you can sink into calmness or get dazzled by excitement… you can walk through ancient temples and shrines or explore the ultra modern landscape with huge monuments of glass, steel and concrete. There is such diversity in landscape… gardens disrupt the modern concrete so peace and harmony are preserved in some spaces of a densely populated metropolitan area”

Food for Senses.   “It’s delight to see, smell and most especially, taste the colorful array of Korean cuisine”