Chao Trang Trieu Chau – Teochew Porridge

Teochew Congee – Rice soup

Teochew Porridge is the comfort food for Teochew Chinese people.  For breakfast, the rice porridge is served super hot with  salty omelet or reserved vegetables. Continue reading “Chao Trang Trieu Chau – Teochew Porridge”


Teochew Perng Kueh – Savory Peach Shape Rice Cake

Photo credit: Roseskitchen

Traditional Teochew Perng Kueh is the savory peach shape  rice cake.   The peach shape presents to longevity. It has “salty glutinous rice” filling.    The filling is cooked glutinous rice, boiled peanuts, Chinese sausage, dried shrimp, Chinese celery, shallots, black mushrooms,  black pepper, soy sauce. Continue reading “Teochew Perng Kueh – Savory Peach Shape Rice Cake”