Ao Bà Om- Square Pond

Ao Ba Om  is an attraction in Tra Vinh.  It is located 5 km West of downtown Tra Vinh City. The pond area is about 39,000 square meters. It is surrounded by hundreds of years old trees whose roots protrude from the underground, making a beautiful view.  Ao Ba Om also has nickname “Square Pond” due to its shape.


Ao Bà Om- trong xanh mặt hồ, by Nam Tuan

The picture “Ao Bà Om- trong xanh mặt hồ (blue lake),” by Nam Tuan photographer

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ao ba om



Tra Vinh foods are delicious

When you’re visiting Tra Vinh, you should try Cha Lua, pate , Nem Nuong, Hu Tieu, Bun Suong because they are Tra Vinh’s famous dishes, and delicous. Check out “What to eat in Tra Vinh” for more recommended dishes.

Banh-tet-Tra-Cuon-3The Tra Vinh dishes are daily cooked from fresh produces, meats, seafood and high quality ingredients

Tra Vinh Food = Mixture of {

  • Fresh produces: vegetables, herbs, fruits
  • Super fresh  meats  are delivered to food factories and  restaurants and  noodle soup houses  from butchers at 4 am in the morning. “Fresh” means fresh, the meat is still warm when it arrives at the food factories and restaurant kitchens.  Fresh pork is required  to  make good Lap Xuong, Cha Lua and Pate.  As soon the meat is delivered, the food workers start processing meat.
  • Free range chickens, ducks are  raised from rice fields or local farms.  Fresh seafood.
  • Tra Vinh cuisine is mixed of Chinese, Vietnamese, French, Indian, and Khmer cuisine.
  • Use high quality of  sweet rice and rice  for  rice cakes.  Use natural food colors for food (banh tet, xoi).
  • Family recipes  passed  down to generations
  • More  }


Link – What to Eat in Tra Vinh

Phi Truong Phu Vinh – Trà Vinh

Phu Vinh Airport 1966-1970

Phi trường Phú Vinh (Trà Vinh)

Luckily, we found some old pictures of Phu Vinh Airport on the internet. The Phu Vinh airport was served as air force base during the war, and regular airport terminal for  flights Tra Vinh to Saigon. Phu Vinh is the old name for Tra Vinh.

Phi trường Phú Vinh (Trà Vinh) - Terminal (Photo by Brian Bowling 1970)

Phi trường Phú Vinh (Trà Vinh) – Terminal (Photo by Brian Bowling 1970).
Passengers were waiting for the arrival flight to go to Saigon (old capital of South Vietnam before 1975). Left: 2 polices, center: Khmer monk, right: lady wore colorful Ao Dai and white trousers. Most people were sitting or standing on the floor.
Ao Dai – Vietnamese traditional long dress.  Phú Vinh is an old name of Trà Vinh City

TRÀ VINH 1966-67 - Phi trường Phú Vinh (nay là TP Trà Vinh) - Photo by R Mahoney

Phu Vinh Airport in 1966-67

TRÀ VINH 1966-67 - Air Force C123 - Photos by R Mahoney

Air Force C123 at Phu Vinh Airport in 1966-67
Phú Vinh is an old name of Trà Vinh City

High Tech Corp: Mylan Group


Mylan Group
Mylan Group® (MLG), an innovative and environmentally conscious specialty chemical company located in TraVinh Province, Vietnam, provides products for a diverse clientele worldwide. Founded in 2004 as the 100% foreign invested Mylan Chemicals Inc., the company has since its inception been in the business of producing high quality near infrared dyes and polymers, active polymers, and completed formulations for use in thermal CTP, UV CTP, and PS offset printing plates, as well as light-emitting polymers and metal complexes for application in OLED and PLED devices. (Source: Mylan Group)
Company Website

Khmer’s Culture

Beautiful Tra Vinh – Khmer’s Culture

Discover the beauty of our homeland through Ao Ba Om, Chua Ang, Khmer’s traditional music, dances and folk songs.

Video  – ” Charming Hometown”  with Khmer’s songs, music and dances at Ao Ba Om. Song names and descriptions were translated from Vietnamese subtitles.

List of songs
1) Our Beautiful hometown – We have many kinds of traditional dances, songs and musical instruments. We continue building and reserving our heritage and culture.
2) Bun Nuoc Leo Tra Vinh – “Tourists, please come to try our aroma, delicious noodle soup, and you’ll never forget it.” The song describes the delicious noodle soup, recipe, its history. It’s  hilarious song.
3) Always Remember – Chầm riêng Chà pây.  I
4) Ao Ba Om – How beautiful Ao Ba Om and Chua Ang are, built by our ancestor. We promise we continue building and reserving it as a part of our beautiful land.
5) Happy Ever After – Khmer’s traditional wedding ceremony