Ao Ba Om

ao ba om

Ba Om Pond is located 5 km West of downtown Tra Vinh, and attraction and historical place of Tra Vinh province.

The pond area is about 39,000 square meters. This place has cool climate all year round. It is surrounded by hundreds of years old trees whose roots protrude from the underground, making a beautiful view. There are lotuses, water-lilies, schools of fish and wild ducks in the pond. Ao Ba Omi also has nickname “Square Pond” due to its shape.

Ba Om Pond and Ang Pagoda were granted to be cultural vestiges in August 1994.  Ba Om Pond, Ang Pagoda and Khmer Cultural Museum, attract many tourists in the spring, especially on Ok Om Bok Festival and the Lunar New Year.


Discover the beautiful Ao Ba Om, Chua Ang, and Khmer culture through the folk songs, and charming dancers. See the Khmer with Vietnamese subtitle video.


Legend about the pond  (original “Ba Om Pond”  from Tra Vinh Portal)

“There have existed many legends about the formation of Ba Om Pond, the most widely accepted among which is the one that tells the story about a pond-digging contest between a group of men and a group of women in the village.

Once upon a time, men and women wanted to marry each other, but neither side wanted to propose marriage because doing so would mean having to pay a huge cost of the wedding donations and parties for both sides.

When the villagers ran out of water due to a drought, Mother Soc came up with the idea that men and women in the village should join a pond-digging contest.   The  contest rule was for full night, starting from dusk to when the Morning Star appears in the east, whichever side finished with a larger and deeper pond would win. It also means the losers would have to make the marriage proposals.

After making an agreement, both of the parties commenced the contest. The female group was led by Lady Om, whose trick was that the women entertained the men with drinks right after the sunset.

The male contestants were too confident with their physical strength and despised their rivals, so they did not heed on the digging job and kept drinking. At midnight, when the men were getting drunk, Lady Om hung  the lamp on a very tall tree. Upon seeing the lamp, the men thought it was the Morning Star, so they went home. Ms Om continued leading her group, continuing digging until the Morning Star appeared.   Finally, the woman group won the contest.

Since then, the pond has been named “Ba Om” (Lady Om), and the tradition has held that men propose marriage to women, and pay all the costs of the wedding.

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