Tuyet is my sister.  She loves travel,  fashion, cooking, garden, crafting, and photography.

Tuyet is a Master Chef, is specialized in French, Chinese and Vietnamese baking and excellent cook.  She is my “living” dictionary and hand-book about cooking and baking.  She has worked on Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine and bring them to the next level with modern cooking techniques,and  maintain the authenticity of food. Tuyet also explores the word cuisine, and bring the new dish to her kitchen every week.   Lucky for me!   I always tastes Tuyet’s delicious food for free. Hopefully, you’ll be invited to Tuyet’s home, and  try her delicious weekend meals in the future. In the meantime, please enjoy the virtual “Tuyet Weekend Meal.”

Tuyet best dishes

2 thoughts on “Tuyet

    1. Diana, thanks for visiting and giving nice comment. I am sure, Tuyet will be happy to have you as her sister who are beautiful and talented. If you were her sister, you’d have to watch for your weight or work out weekly, since she makes a lot of delicious food. Tuyet loves to make good food for her friends and siblings. Take care.


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