Cha Ca Ha Noi – Sizziling Tumeric Fish Fillet

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Cha Ca Ha Noi (Photo credit: Enjoy Life)

Cha Ca Thang Long (or Cha Ca Ha Noi)  is a famous dish in Ha Noi,  the capital of Vietnam. Continue reading “Cha Ca Ha Noi – Sizziling Tumeric Fish Fillet”


Recipe: Cha Gio Chay – vegetarian egg rolls

“Vietnamese egg rolls always occupy a special place on the list of the famous dishes of Asian cuisines. My vegetarian egg rolls are always a favorite dish at the start of the party. Also, the ingredients that I carefully chose are used to make these special egg rolls. Even though this is a dish of fried food, I too want to enjoy occasionally its crispy taste and the sweetness of root vegetables that is interspersed throughout to form these unique Vietnamese egg rolls.” ( text from Lan | Enjoy Life).

Cha Gio Chay – from Enjoy Life

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