Bo 7 Mon

Bò 7 món, is Vietnamese seven courses of beef, served at weddings.  Bò 7 món is representative of higher-end Vietnamese cuisine.

“Bo 7 Mon,” Anh Hong Restaurant, CA, USA
  1. Bò nhúng dấm: Raw beef slices cooked in vinegar fondue
  2. Cháo Bò: Beef congee
  3. Bò nướng mỡ chài: Grilled beef sausages made from seasoning ground beef wrapped in caul fat casing
  4. Bò lá lốt: Grilled ground beef wrapped in a La lot leaf
  5. Bò nướng hành: Grilled beef strips  rolled around a piece of scallion
  6. Bò chả đùm: Steamed ground beef patties served with shrimp chips
  7. Gỏi bò:   Beef salad

The cooked beef portions are then wrapped (by the individual eating it) with rice paper, lettuce, herbs (rau sống), lettuce, cucumbers, and pickle carrots and then dip in Mam Nem sauce.

Mam Nem  is  chunky sauce, has tasty,  sweet and tangy flavor.   It  is much more pungent in flavor than nuoc cham.

Eating Tips:

When you go to the Vietnamese restaurant, ask for extra nuoc cham, in case you do not like mam nem.


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  2. Pictures –  pictures of all 7 courses, Anh Hong Restaurant in CA, USA.
  3. Similar dish is Cá 7 Món (“7 fish courses”).

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