Bánh Ít Trần Chay – Vegan Mung Bean Sticky Dumplings

Vegan Banh It Tran from Lisa

Banh It Tran Chay is Vietnamese savory vegan mung bean sticky dumplings.

For lots of protein and great savory flavor, these Bánh Ít Trần Vietnamese Mung Bean Dumplings are made with mung beans cooked until soft, adding salt, pepper, and cooked onions for that savory sweetness. Drizzled with extra green onion oil on top and some vegan Vietnamese dipping sauce, and you’re transported to a simple Vietnamese home with the comforts of veganized traditional food.” (Source: Lisa)


  1. Recipe of Banh It Tran Chay. by Lisa
  2. Check out Banh It Tran  recipes (non-vegan), for  making dough, filling techniques.  You always can replace the meat filling with mung bean, tofu.
  3. Nuoc Cham Chay dipping sauce (vegan)

Cooking Tips

  • It’s chewy dumping. Make it easy for your guests to eat, you’d use scissors to cut the dumpling into 4 pieces and serve them with with shredded vegetables, herbs and dipping sauce.
  • A good Banh It Tran has thin shell, and evenly round.  Thick shell dumpling does not taste good.
  • If you cannot make a ball,  you can make the crescent dumpling.
  • For vegan  filling, you can use mung bean, tofu and vegetables.
  • I suggest that you would steam the dumplings instead of boiling them.   Balls usually have holes, if you’re not an expert in making them.


  1. Vegan Recipe of banh-it-tran-vietnamese-mung-bean-dumplings
  2. Recipe of “Banh it tran” from A little Burnt
  3. Recipe of Banh It Tran from theravenouscouple
  4. Recipe form enjoyasimplelife

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