Dish Types

Noodle Soups

pho-so 1bun bo hue
Bun Suong
Hu Tieu
Mi Quang
Banh Canh Cua Udon
Bun Rieu


  1. All Snacks from A-Z

Cha Chien







bo luc lac

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All Dishes

  1. Appetizers/starters
  2. Banh Mi – sandwitches
  3. Banh Man  – savory dumpling, rice cake, pastry
  4. Banh Ngot – sweet dumpling, rice cake, pastry
  5. Beef Dishes
  6. Chicken Dishes
  7. Drinks
  8. Fruits
  9. Ham and sausage
  10. Pork Dishes
  11. Poultry Dishes (chicken, duck)
  12. Rice dishes
  13. Salad Trays
  14. Seafood: shrimp, fish
  15. Soup
  16. Tofu  – link to outside
  17. Xoi Man
  18. Xoi Ngot

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