Bo Nhung Dam

Bò Nhung Dam,  is Vietnamese beef fondue.  It is one of the 7 courses of beef in  Bo 7 Mon, served at weddings.

“Bo Nhung Dam” (left column) at Huong Que Restaurant, CA, USA

Broth fondue:  salt to taste, chicken broth, water, vinegar, lemongrass

Raw slices of beef, seafood (optional)  to be cooked in broth fondue

The cooked beef portion is wrapped  with rice paper, lettuce, herbs (rau sống), lettuce, cucumbers, and pickle carrots, and then dip it in  mắm nêm sauce.


  1. Recipe of vietnamese-beef-vinegar-fondue-bo-nhung – from Vietnamese Soul Food
  2. Recipe from

Eating Tips: When you go to the Vietnamese restaurant, ask for extra nuoc cham, in case you do not like “mam nem” thas has strong pungent flavor.


  1. Recipe

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